Joséphine de La Baume’s Met Ball dress – Fashion buy of the day

Tuesday’s merger between Net-a-Porter and Yoox, which will create the largest and most powerful luxury e-commerce group.

Body Cream Mandarin/Rosemary – $34
Foster Sandal – $25
Hutton One Piece – $240
Chloë Sevigny – $35
Snake Charmer Ring – $356

Here’s how Citibank described the combined entity in a note: “No other players match Yoox/NAP’s breadth of sourcing, client base, geographic reach, technological know-how, logistics efficiency and luxury expertise and relationships.”

Yes, presumably that means you, Amazon.

On the plus side, the combination of the two, which will be most apparent in their back-office operations, may lead to much better, faster delivery globally, more fun content on both sites (the Yoox chief executive, Federico Marchetti, calls the brand an “enter-tailer” — i.e., an entertaining e-tailer — while Net is more editorial in nature) and more personally tailored interaction.

The latter being, for me, the one eyebrow-raising bit of this marriage of equals.

After all, just think about the customer information now available to the group, which between the main sites ( and and their fully owned brethren (,, and will have a giant foothold in beauty, men’s wear, women’s wear, sale shopping and shoe shopping.

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